Innovative Software technologies Limited, (ISTL), in partnership with AUTOMIC empowers businesses through automation. The focus of automation is at various levels throughout the enterprise by linking business processes and services with IT apps and infrastructure that support these processes. It is one of the few global solutions that has been successfully implemented in multi-entity, multi-lingual and multi-currency environments.

With ATOMIC you get…

1.   Disaster Recovery -  AUTOMIC platform ensures in the occurrence of system failure, the enterprise does not lose time in getting back its systems core functions up and running by automatically detecting the fault and having the backup systems running within minutes of failure.


2.   End Of Day Process Automation -  AUTOMIC platform ensures End of Day or Close of Business with little to no human intervention. All manual processes to commence the end of day operation is automated using drag drop function. The automation can save Bank 4 to 6 hours, besides eliminating Fraud.


3. Release Automation -  AUTOMIC platform provides a set of skills around application releases allowing enterprises be agile and more responsive to market demands at the same mitigating the risk coming with the IT apps and ensuring strong governance. In case of error during roll out of new apps, the platform offers the enterprise the ability to revert back to the old system easily and quickly.



The benefits of the AUTOMIC platform include:

·      Improved compliance to statutory requirements.

·      Reduced manual involvement for lower error rates.

·      Reduce cost of running select services via reduced labor and cycle times.

·      Deploy IT staff out of mundane and routine operational tasks