Smart risk is an intelligence agricultural solution under CropIn that provides risk mitigation and forecasting of the farm’s performance as well as analyzing the farm’s historical performance for the past 3 years, for effective credit risk assessment and loan recovery assistance.

This solution is most useful for Banks and Agricultural Saccos that give farming loans to farmers and also, can be used in disbursement of loans to farmers at periodic intervals by monitoring the farming activities and the crop stage through the satellite imagery.  It’s also useful to Insurance companies when insuring farms as well as harvests with minimal risk exposure.



Determine the time and tonnage of yield – To assist recovery activities


Smart sales application provides sales insights by helping agri input companies to engage with farmers, demonstrate their products effectively thereby generating demand for their products. Helps managing field sales people to meet the generated demand. Accelerate your sales by blending sales,promotions/demos and farmer related activities Reach out to your last mile sale points and enhance your sales channel effectivenes Gather order and stock information of dealers on the fly and quickly, know the trend of ground level sales

Demand Generation: Engage your farmer and build loyalty by giving him right advisory at the right time Conduct product demos / training's and gather intelligence Take this a further notch by Smart Intelligence systems like weather insights to keep tap the upcoming opportunities